NORDPOL is a historic brand of the great Italian artisanal tradition, boasting almost half a century of activity in the field of production and sale of semi-finished products for gelato and pastry shops. Registered in 1936 in Milan by the company Cesalpinia, which would later become a multinational corporation, this brand was then taken over by Luigi Gadda and Fanny Colciago in 1966. Drawing on their earlier experience as NORDPOL managers the two entrepreneurs founded UNIGEL in the budding industrial hub of Zingonia (Bergamo). The newborn business started immediately to produce ingredients for gelato shops and to commercialise its market offerings all over Italy as well as abroad, thanks to the well-structured sales network inherited from the previous company.

UNIGEL owes its name to the introduction of cold process semi-finished products, a technological achievement obtained by using locust bean gum as a stabilizer instead of the more conventional egg yolks. This kind of flour is produced by roasting its seeds and by separating the cotyledon by means of mechanical treatments; it guarantees a good hold in the display case, an excellent texture and an optimal structure of gelato. The continuous research activity carried out throughout the years has led the company to introduce other equally effective additives into its productions.

Now as then, UNIGEL’s leading products are the stabilizers gathered under the brand NORDPOL, which represent some of the core ingredients for preparing a good thoroughly-blended gelato (in Italian, gelato mantecato). Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technological level reached during its past years of activity, experience and commitment, UNIGEL boasts a wide range of diverse products, like nuclei, low-dosage, complete bases, classic pastes, improvers, as well as all the necessary ingredients to obtain a long-lasting, creamy gelato.

The brand UNIGUMM offers a wide range of stabilizers, specifically created to meet the particular requirements of the great food industry by developing ad hoc mixtures and easy-to-use products capable of guaranteeing excellent, durable results, thus revealing UNIGEL technical staff’s expertise.

The company philosophy, always open to keep up with the latest working techniques and to invest in new, modern equipment in the field of technology, has enabled UNIGEL not only to improve its production efficiency, but also to fulfil the different requirements of its target market and to create customised products, tailored to gelato makers having particular application needs. UNIGEL’s highly qualified personnel, constantly up to date with the best working techniques, studies and develops various, even more versatile products, working in a fully equipped, technologically advanced laboratory with respect to productivity cycles.

UNIGEL operates in full compliance with HACCP methodology and principles (following the EEC directives), which serve as a guarantee for the efficiency and the quality of its productivity methods.